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UnifiedMetrics is a fully-featured free and open-source metrics collection plugin for Minecraft servers.

Grafana Dashboard Dashboard included out-of-box! Click here for live preview!


  • Platform-agnostic & compatible with popular platforms. Get the same metrics and features on any supported platform.
  • Monitor your server in real-time with Prometheus/InfluxDB and provided Grafana dashboards.
  • High performance metric collection. Low to none performance impact on the server's performance.
  • Free and open-source. The code is free and open for anyone to audit and contribute to.


  • Performance monitoring and alerts. Get notified in real-time when your server goes down using AlertManager or Grafana Alerts. Reduce the server's downtime and improve player satisfaction.
  • Know what your server is capable of. Whether you are running a 1000-player event or an SMP, UnifiedMetrics will assist in the tuning process of your server.



  • 1.8+ Spigot servers (includes Spigot-based forks)
  • 1.16+ Fabric servers
  • Minestom
  • Velocity
  • BungeeCord


  • Prometheus
  • InfluxDB